Chiltern Edge

Welcome to your hub all about buses to Chiltern Edge School! We will show you which dedicated buses run to and from the school, what times they run and how much they cost.


To find the route you need, click on the image to the left for a PDF map of the bus routes. Once you know which route you need, click on your service below to get the detailed timetable and route information on that service's dedicated page - don't forget to favourite it for ease in future!

If you don't live within these catchment areas, your child can also use the pink 25 to get to the school (including a short walk), but we encourage you to try and use the silverstars buses where possible.

pay on the bus

The single fare is £1.60 - our buses have 'hoppers' that collect the money and our drivers don't carry change, so if you are paying cash, please make sure you have the right amount. 

We will also shortly be introducing an m-ticketing app on your phone - no need to use cash! Keep an eye out for the launch!

silverstars smartcards and direct debit

The easiest, cheapest and most secure way to ensure your child gets their travel to and from school is to buy a silverstars smartcard.

These are available as termly (valid for a single term only - Autumn/Winter/Spring) or academic year (valid from the start of the school year until the summer holidays) options and are designed to save you the most amount of money.

You have two different options depending on what product your child needs.

The silverstars plus option is great if your child has to connect onto the silverstars buses or likes to travel on weekends and during the school holidays.

You can buy your termly or academic year passes online here, or from our bus shop in the Broad Street Mall, Reading. 

Academic year passes are also available via direct debit which are spread over 10 payments online - we are currently working to get this system active, but you can find out more information here.