Direct Debits

Our Direct Debit system is now live - to find your ticket and pay by direct debit, click here.

We are pleased to be able to offer the chance to pay for any academic year product by Direct Debit - the easy and secure way to spread the cost of your child's bus travel.

Go to our online shop, simply choose your product, follow the instructions on screen and when asked to pay, choose 'pay by Direct Debit'.

You will be asked to input the following details so make sure you have them to hand:

Once complete, this will send the mandate to our system (all the data will be securely encoded by our service provide Bottomline Technologies) and the Direct Debit will be set up, simple!

We are offering Direct Debits for all of our silverstars or Boost products that are valid for an 'academic year' - payments will be made in 10 equal instalments and you will be given the chance to select the day of the month that you want the payments to come out from a choice of three.

Please note, payment by Direct Debit will be available online only - we are not able to accept Direct Debit payments at our bus shop in the Broad Street Mall, Reading.

To proceed to our online shop and pay by direct debit, click here.